Phia van der Spuy

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Phia van der Spuy - CA(SA) CA (SA) TEP MTP (SA) MCom (Tax)

Phia is a chartered accountant with a master’s degree in local and international tax, a registered fiduciary practitioner of South Africa, a master tax practitioner (SA), a trust and estate practitioner (TEP) and the founder of Trusteeze (a company that digitised trust administration and accounting). She also holds a BCom honours degree in Industrial Psychology. Trusteeze is evolving and is becoming a digital solutions provider in the fiduciary space – a true disrupter. Phia writes about trusts and estate planning in various national newspapers on a regular basis. She is a guest speaker and guest lecturer on the topic of trusts and estate planning. She also published a book called, Demystifying Trusts in South Africa.

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