DEMYSTIFYING TRUSTS in South Africa - By Phia Van Der Spuy . Are you and your trust clients at risk? Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expert guidance. 24 APRIL 2024 - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TRUSTS - GET CPD POINTS

A 10 week workshop, the Demystifying Trusts book which will be used in the workshop, CPD points, focus groups hosted by Phia and a live environment per week to interact with Phia and other delegates. Please note that this price excl. Vat and per person.

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What will I learn?
  • Origination of Trusts
  • Types Of Trusts Recognised Under South African Law
  • Setting up valid Trust
  • How Are Trusts Governed In South Africa?
  • Do you know how much Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty your estate would pay?
  • New legislation changes after FATF greylisting and IT3(t)'s

Curriculum for this course
Module 1 – 24 APRIL - Foundation For The Course
  • How Is A Trust Defined In Our Legislation?
  • Must A Trust Be In Writing?
  • What Is A Trust From A Legal Perspective?
  • Who Are The Parties To A Trust?
  • What Are The Formalities?
  • What Are Trusts Used For?
  • Types Of Trusts Recognised Under South African Law
  • Testamentary Or Mortis Causa Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Vesting Trusts
  • Bewind Trusts
  • Special Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Empowerment Or Employee Trusts
  • Court Order Trusts
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • The Trust Property Control Act
  • Constitution
  • Alienation Of Land Act
  • Estate Duty Act
  • Common Law
  • Promotion Of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA)
  • Promotion Of Access To Information Act (PAIA)
  • Protection Of Personal Information Act (POPIA)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Trusts Do Not Serve A Purpose Until You Have Created Wealth
  • Trusts Have The Worst Tax Rate
  • Trusts Are Expensive
  • You Lose Control Over Your Assets If They Are Owned By A Trust
  • SARS Is Investigating Trusts
  • Why Should You Consider A Trust?
  • Disadvantages Of Trusts
  • How Does A Trust Fit Into Your Estate Plan?
  • Are Trusts Still Relevant?
  • New legislation changes after FATF greylisting and IT3(t)'s
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Module 1 – 24 APRIL - Foundation For The Course

Module 2 - 02 MAY - Trusts’ Relevance In The Context Of Estate Planning

Module 3 - 08 MAY - How To Set Up A Valid Trust

Module 4 - 15 MAY - How To Get Assets Into A Trust

Module 5 – 22 MAY - Founders And Beneficiaries

Module 6 - 29 MAY - Everything You Need To Know About Trustees

Module 7 - 5 JUNE - What Does Trust Administration Entail?

Module 8 - 12 JUNE - Trust Distributions And Protection In Divorce

Module 9 – 19 JUNE - Who Pays Tax On Trust Income And Gains?

Module 10 – 26 JUNE - Dealings, Litigation, Amendment And Deregistration


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Phia van der Spuy - CA(SA) CA (SA) TEP MTP (SA) MCom (Tax)

Phia is a chartered accountant with a master’s degree in local and international tax, a registered fiduciary practitioner of South Africa, a master tax practitioner (SA), a trust and estate practitioner (TEP) and the founder of Trusteeze (a company that digitised trust administration and accounting). She also holds a BCom honours degree in Industrial Psychology. Trusteeze is evolving and is becoming a digital solutions provider in the fiduciary space – a true disrupter. Phia writes about trusts and estate planning in various national newspapers on a regular basis. She is a guest speaker and guest lecturer on the topic of trusts and estate planning. She also published a book called, Demystifying Trusts in South Africa.

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